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Difference Trim Sheet and Trim Body



I'm currently doing some surfacing work. I had a bit of a pause from NX and did a lot of Alias.

I'm trying to get some of the same (similar) funtionality out of NX10.


I noticed some operations in which trim sheet doesn't work - trim body seems to do the trick.

Why is this? What is the difference?


Thanks in advance.




Re: Difference Trim Sheet and Trim Body

The main difference is Trim Sheet is limited to trimming away areas of non-solid bodies (a single surface or collection of surfaces sewn into a sheet body) but the objects used to define the trimming boundary isn't limited to only faces or datum planes as is the case with Trim Body.


That bit of information probably doesn't answer the "why" it isn't working for your particular issue in which case you'll probably have to post your part in order for someone to come up with an specific answer for your particular issue.


Again, I'm probably overstating things you might already know, but it's usually good practice to make sure your tool surface is passing through the target surface completely when using Trim Sheet - if it's just touching then tolerances might cause issues with a successful trim occurring.

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‎01-13-2017 04:03 AM

Re: Difference Trim Sheet and Trim Body

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I read a bit further into the documentation and as of NX10, when Trim Body is used and the Target is one or more sheet bodies, the face trimming tool automatically extends along a linear tangent & fully trims all selected sheet bodies it intersects, regardless of whether that intersection is partial or complete. That is the main difference between Trim Sheet and Trim Body and more than likely why Trim Sheet isn't working for you but Trim Body did - your Tool Body probably isn't completely intersecting through the entirety of your Target body and Trim Body is extending the tool for that intersection to happen. Hope that makes sense.


If I'm understanding the What's New in NX11, it reads like Trim Sheet will allow for some extending but there isn't much detail as far as how the extending is accomplished - it just says it will allow for trim boundaries to be extended to laminar edges or other boundary objects.


Re: Difference Trim Sheet and Trim Body

The NX 11 Trim will now go to the edges. Here are some screen shots to give you an idea of what happens. It works the same way when the boundary is a sheet or a curve.


Here is the data


Starting ConditionStarting Condition

Select the target and boundary and I get the condition as I would expect in NX 10 and before.


Boundary does not intersect targetBoundary does not intersect target

Then you turn on the option to extend the boundary object for the settings menu.


Option to extend trimming boundaryOption to extend trimming boundary

This is the result.


Final TrimFinal Trim


Re: Difference Trim Sheet and Trim Body


Any idea how the extension is performed (linear, natural, tangential, curvature)?