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Dimension Gap with Stacked GD&T


Is there a setting somewhere where the gap for the dimension adjusts when you hang/stack GD&T below the dimension value?


I can adjust the gap, but it does it equally on both sides.


If add the GD&T the old school way by text it'll drop the line for me, but than I'm using the older way of formating GD&T.





Re: Dimension Gap with Stacked GD&T

Siemens Esteemed Contributor Siemens Esteemed Contributor
Siemens Esteemed Contributor

Hi @Corey1776,


I know this doesn't help you, but we're aware of the issue:

  • ER 9019296: When GD&T is associated to a dimension, the gap does not update
    [The workaround is to add the FCF as appended text (like shown in the AVI) so the FCF is part of the dimension]
  • ER 7766350: Add a toggle for the "Text to Line Gap" to adjust separately on each side.

Regards, Ben

Re: Dimension Gap with Stacked GD&T


Hi Ben,


That is very helpful! I can stop looking for how to do it. :-)

Since it doesn't appear my company created either of those, I'll write another IR to pile up the ER's for it, so they know more users/organizations want this.




Re: Dimension Gap with Stacked GD&T

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom



This might be more difficult than you want & it's seriously old school, but you can add a User-Defined Symbol called Gap (I believe there are 3 different sizes) which will cover up the extension line and make it appear that the dimension line gap is larger on one side than the other. Do this after stacking the FCF. Use Add To Drafting Object to attach it to the dimension, then place it on the side you wish to create the "false gap".


If you have issues getting the placement correct, I recommend using Undo rather than trying to find it with your cursor and deleting it.  Undo will be MUCH easier.





NX MP11 Rev. A
GM TcE v11.2.3.1
GM GPDL v11-A.3.6

Re: Dimension Gap with Stacked GD&T


Hi Tim,


Thank you! With the help of GTAC on this ER they also told me I can use "Edit Drafting Object Component" to delete the placed symbol if need be. 

This is definitely quite a work around. Hopefully Siemens decides sometime in the next version of NX to correct this.


Thanks again!