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Dimensioning gage point on a revolved surface


I'm trying to dimension a gauge point using a diameter and distance dimension as shown here:





















I created a sketch within the view and dimensioned a point placed on a part edge from the 3D centerline I created from the OD of the part.  It seems that you cannot create a driving dimension from a 3D centerline, but I don't know how else to get a diameter dimension in a detail section view like this.  Any suggestions?


Also, the axial dimension of the gage point will be from datum A which is on the other end of the part and outside this detail view.  How should I create this dimension?  The best idea I have so far is to sketch a line off the page, create a single-sided dimension, and override the dimension value.  I could also put both views on one page but I'd like to avoid that so I can have a larger scale view.




NX 11.0.2
Tc 11.2.1

Re: Dimensioning gage point on a revolved surface

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom
For the sketch issue, why not dimension between the diameter edge and the point? Another thought might be to go into Modeling, make an associative Section of just the face where you need the point and then place an Associative Point (by Arc Length) if possible....just some other ways to consider skinning the cat.

Detail views can be a pain at times - consider changing the view boundary to something ridiculous so that you're seeing the opposite side of the part then you should be able to properly dimension the areas in the detail portion. You can then revert the view boundary back to what it was when the view was originally created. Not elegant, but it usually ends up working for me in a pinch.
NX MP11 Rev. A
GM TcE v11.2.3.1
GM GPDL v11-A.3.6