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Disable Pop Up


Where can the various pop ups be disabled similar to the one attached?


I know that F3 will make them disappear as they show up, but is there a setting to prevent them from displaying altogether?


Many thanks.


Re: Disable Pop Up

Siemens Esteemed Contributor Siemens Esteemed Contributor
Siemens Esteemed Contributor
I believe the only way is to remove the commands from the radial pop-ups: "Menu > Tools > Customize", select the "Shortcuts" tab and select each of the popups from the list. The radial pop-ups will display as you select them and then you can drag the commands off of the radial toolbars.

Regards, Ben

Re: Disable Pop Up

Solution Partner Genius Solution Partner Genius
Solution Partner Genius

I get this question all the time. I recommend that the users adjust to the new workflow and environment. Since the shortcut bar always appears to the upper right of the cursor location, adjusting the way you pick entities can help. I now pick from the upper right of the screen heading to the lower left. This keeps my shortcut popup menu from getting in the way as I'm selecting entities. 


Depricating the toolbars by removing the tools is an onerous task as every entity in NX (component, solid body, face, line, point, etc.) all have shortcut menus. I do think that some out there would love an environment variable to disable all shortcut popups. Like the ribbon toolbars, it's just something to get used too.