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Display quality (Draw precision)




Simple question this time. I can't seem to find this option.

How do you increase the draw precision.


When I zoom in the surfaces are very rough (many sharp endges). I want to be able to see it in ultra fine mode when I zoom. Something like the quality setting in the Reflection Analysis Mode...


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Re: Display quality (Draw precision)


if you use right mouse button and then update display the sharp edges will be gone.
if you have a sheet or solid then use ctrl and right mous button, then click on update display


if you go to the visualization preferences then the tab faceting.

here you can set the shaded views resolution to ultra fine

and update to all objects.

if you do that then when you zoom in the edges will be round instand of sharp.

Re: Display quality (Draw precision)

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

What I've done is to create a Keyboard Shorcut (F5 in my case) so everytime I zoom in and I need visualization quality I Update Display easily (it's a little bit cumbersome to RMB+Update Display every time).

This way I don't lose performance when I don't need to.

Re: Display quality (Draw precision)

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Solution Partner Phenom
That's also a good way to solved this

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