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Documentation on "Overbend" under Global Shaping


Is there any documentation available on "overbend" under Global Shaping (NX9)?  Looking for what it does and how to use it.


I would also like documentation on:

Angle Definition


Angle Option /Law Controlled

Law Type/ By Law Curve

Global shaping /OVERBEND




Re: Documentation on "Overbend" under Global Shaping

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Siemens Genius

This is all documented under the Global Shaping options help topic in the NX 9 Help found here:

Home > CAD > Modeling > Edit Surface > Global Shaping >Global Shaping options


Or at the GTAC Webkey documentation site here:

NX Design Apps Documentation & Courseware Manager

Re: Documentation on "Overbend" under Global Shaping


I've found some videos on youtube, but theres no audio or explanations of what they're doing.



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