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Draft analysis


What is draft analysis ? and how it is usefull ?


Re: Draft analysis

DaveK 1st Gear
1st Gear

Draft analysis lets you check parts and/or molds, to make sure they will seperate.  Hopefully avoiding "locking" the part in the mold (or mould).

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Re: Draft analysis

sdeters 1st Gear
1st Gear

It will also detect undercuts and surfaces with no draft.  Be carefull.  It seems to work with open and shut dies.  If you have a different slide the draft check will have to be ran more than once.

Re: Draft analysis

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Here's a link to the NX11 documentation in Draft Analysis, with some examples:


"Use the Draft Analysis command to obtain visual feedback on the back draft condition of your part, and to define an optimum die press direction that minimizes back draft. The analysis can help you to avoid die-lock situations, make decisions on an appropriate parting line, obtain suggestions on cutter sizing for machining purposes, and others. "