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Drafting Error

NX show notify as this photo when I put dimension on a file import from the .x_t file. How can I remove it?




Accepted by topic author Killer_1991
‎01-03-2017 10:51 PM

Re: Drafting Error

Hi @Killer_1991,


As the warning reports - somewhere you have set the "End Offset" jog setting to be greater than the Start Offset.  This could be in the Customer Defaults or a Dialog setting. 

Your screenshot does not show the Rapid Dimension dialog - I'll assume it was displayed outside the NX session (you also don't have an alert window, but you may have disabled them).


First off - try resetting the Rapid Dimensions dialog.  Open the dialog and select the icon on the top right with the circular arrow - it says "Reset" when you hover over it.  If this doesn't fix the problem continue with the steps below.


Open the Rapid Dimension dialog and select the Settings icon.  Locate "Jog" on the left menu and check the Linear Format Side 1 and Side 2.  These should be set to "Jog".  Check the Start and End Offset values - are either of the End Offset values greater than their Start Offset values?  If you don't need the jog, change the Style to "No Jog".  If you do want the jog correct the Offset values such that the Start Offset has a greater value that the End Offset.  From my test, the Drafting Preferences don't actually let you set a larger value for End Offset and it appears that the Jog settings are not retained from one dimension to the next if the settings are modified on the Rapid Dimension dialog, therefore I suspect you have this set in the Customer Defaults:


File > Utilities > Customer Defaults > Drafting > General/Setup > Standard (tab) > Customize Standard

Drafting Standard > Dimension > Jog


If you can't figure out from any of the above where this is being set consider giving GTAC a call.


Regards, Ben

Re: Drafting Error

In addition to @BenBroad's excellent advice, it is usually a good idea to update your drafting views before you start adding dimensions.

Re: Drafting Error

Thanks for your help! But unfortunately, I can't resovle the problem Smiley Sad

Re: Drafting Error

Does it happen with all files, or just the one above?

Re: Drafting Error

This happen with files import from .x_t file type.

Re: Drafting Error

So, your workflow is something like:
File > New > Model Template
FIle > Import > Parasold
Application > Drafting
Rapid Dimension

Or are you using "File > Open > Parasolid"
Application > Drafting
Rapid Dimension