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Drafting Views; Scale list is too limited


Hi all,


Is there a way to customize the scale list of the drawing views?

Here's what I mean:

2019-01-09_17.gifNX Drafting; Too limited scale list.

Every time I need something smaller then 1:10 e.g. 1:20 I need to click ratio and enter manually 2 fields.

and I place my view.

And oops , I then see 1:25 would have been better...


No problem, Just RMB the view, go to ratio again and then this:

2019-01-09_18.gifNX Drawing View Scale plain stupid

So then I need to change two values again... Smiley Frustrated

2019-01-09_19.gifNX Drawing View Scale corrected

I filed ER 1865398 for this on 16-sep-2011.

If you feel in the same situation please add yourself to the list... Smiley Wink






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