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Drawing view - hidden component management


Hello, I inherited a large assembly drawing and I'm trying to see what is the best way to deal with hidden components.  The initial person who created the assembly did not work with layers or arrangements.  For hiding components in the drawing views, it appears that he just used the Hidden components selection within Edit view.  Since I'm supposed to only be making some "minor" changes and getting them done quickly, I'm trying to just follow what it appears he originally did.  

I'll select a view, Edit, and select the "Select Objects" for Hidden components.  What I find perplexing is that when I select "Select Objects" for that one view edit, all of the objects within all of the views become hilighted.  Is that what's supposed to happen?  Now I have to go in and select every hilighted part within the boundary of the drawing view to see if it's actually selectable (in that view).  

I would have assumed that since I hit one view and then hit edit, only the objects within that view would hilight - not every object in the drawing.  Thanks


Re: Drawing view - hidden component management

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Siemens Esteemed Contributor

Hi @s_hightower,


The behavior you have described is correct.  This allows you to select/deselect components from views other than the one you're editing.  You can also select/deselect the components from the Assembly Navigator.  The highlighted components (in the views or the ANT) are the ones that are hidden components in the view being edited.


Regards, Ben

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Re: Drawing view - hidden component management

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Valued Contributor

Hi @s_hightower,


You should use component groups to group the parts, you want to use in the view and save those groups in the part. Use dynamic grouping, so look for attributes or use proximity. Also use the view area in NX. Zoom in to a particular area and press CTRL+A. You will get just those components shown in the area. Press then the button "All but Selected" and then go to Assemblies-->More-->Hide Components in View.

Keep in mind, you can only do this hiding stuff in the drawing file(UGPART). If you do this in the UGMASTER you will be wasting your time and the hidden components will not be hidden in the views on your drawing.

Check out the pics I put in the thread.