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EXPORT SE part file to NX




I wan't to know if you open an Solid Edge file in NX will the feauture history be remained?

And if so, will NX translate all the SE features into NX features and are they still editable in NX?

So far we saw when we opened an SE file in NX you only get an solid withot feature history.


Eddy Cruiming


Re: EXPORT SE part file to NX


I don't think you can have the feature history if you open a SE file with any other CAD package. The most you can do is either edit the original part in SE and then go to NX to update update the import solid feature (the original solid you get in NX when you import a SE file is linked to the original SE file and can be updated at will), or edit the solid using Syncronous Technology tools.


Re: EXPORT SE part file to NX


Dear Javiduc,


I thought that this was the case because SE and NX are both Siemens PLM CAD software and both working on the same kernel so they could make this possible.

We want to investigate this for a possible switch from SE9 to NX11 and still be able to use the feature history of our old SE files (products) when they need an update or we start with an successor and be able to do this all in NX. For new projects we only will use NX.

Our CAD support agency told us already several times that our designs are very complex. They think we are working beyound the possibilities of SE.

I work now for about 1,5 year with SE. Before that I worked for several other companies for about 23 years (1992-2015) with NX/Unigraphics. So for me it was a big step backwards to work with SE now.


Would Siemens PLM be able to write a script to translate our complete SE CAD database to NX?

Probably they can but this will be highly costly I think....


Best Regards,


Re: EXPORT SE part file to NX


What are the limits of the possibilities of SE you have reached? What NX features do you miss more in NX?

We recently moved from SE to NX, still learning, and I am curious about it.

Re: EXPORT SE part file to NX


I mainly miss the use of layers and working with as much of bodies as you want. In SE this is also possible but every time yo want to change or add something you first have to activate that particular body. With bigger parts SE reacts slowly when you select a draft or radius that you want to edit. Specially when all details are in the file they gets very slow in editing.  I develop plastic parts for injection moulding. First I build up a structure and when possible I add all the drafts that are needed and then all the radii. I put both in seperate groups so that I can suppress the complete group when I need to make a STEP file for FEM calculations. Most mesh software don't like radii and drafts to mesh a model.



Re: EXPORT SE part file to NX

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Solution Partner Phenom
You can always use synchronous modeling to change your models

Ruud van den Brand
Pre-sales NX CAD
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Re: EXPORT SE part file to NX

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius



Yes, SE and NX are both part of Siemens PLM Software offering.  However, due to different business units and targeted markets, we do not read each other’s CAD files with features listing, and have no plans in doing so, sorry.


Javiduc was correct in pointing out the workflow to read SE part file into NX with associative update, that is as far as it will be (no associative drawing), and using Synchronous Modeling for editing for design update/change.


I’ve worked with several major customers that switched from SE to NX and went through a period of transition, where they did the following (in Teamcenter):

  • Use a sample project for testing / validations and proof of concept
  • Start training SE users in NX in preparation of the change
  • Defined a cut-off / switch date
  • New project will be in NX
  • Any “reuse-able” data from SE, if too complicated and not much to change, open / load / use them in NX
  • Any “reuse-able” data from SE if not complicated and will be changing, re-model them in NX
  • Maintain small quantity of SE seats for ECO for a specified period of time, and only use SE for ECO / sustainability of current projects

Those customers went through this transition period and now going forward with NX / TC and are very happy with the change.




Sam Kuan