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Edit Mechanical Routing Path


Is it possible to edit a mechanical routing path once it is created? I often have to design a lot of tube routings and since the design is immature, the routing path often changes. But in order to mate to the new part, it seems like I have to create an entirely point set and then create a new routing path through those points. Is that correct or is there an edit option that I'm not seeing?


Working in NX-11


Re: Edit Mechanical Routing Path

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Can you illustrate this in some way ?
To me, most everything is editable.
( Routing has it's pro's and con's.)


Re: Edit Mechanical Routing Path


As I think, you used Spline Path to create the tube path.
If you have problem to move define point by Dynamic handle, you must check Assembly Constrain.
Each point have 'Tuch/Align' constrain by 'Lock to Select Object'.

I have a tip for modifiable routing path.

You can re-define the point set from Modeling APP.
And then the Routing path will be changed by 'Lock to Select Object' and Align constrain.
(Actually, the best practices may according to how to create the point set.)

 Sunkap Ahn, Senior Support Engineer