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Editing attributes in BOM (Parts List)



This functionality is in Autodesk Inventor and it is very usefull.

 Now I am using NX11 (no TC)

Can I type custom attributes for parts (or modifications) in NX from BOM, parts list?


It is much more convenient to type data in a BOM or parts list table than to edit these parameters in individual parts. Of course, changing the values in the parts list automatically changes the attributes in Parts.


I don't want to change material or mass attributes. The goal is to modify the custom attributes .

Notes, manufacture technology, supplier, status.


This functionality in Autodesk Inventor is very convenient.



Re: Editing attributes in BOM (Parts List)


Hi @Mountaineer80,

it's not possible. I've read, but I'm not sure that on mold application, the BOM in this application allow this operation.

If yes we need to create an ER to obtain the same in NX design.

Thank you...

Using NX1867
RuleDesigner PDM

Re: Editing attributes in BOM (Parts List)

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

You can bulk edit the attributes in the assembly and then they will appear in the drawing the way you need them. I have included a movie show how to bulk edit attributes.


(view in My Videos)



Re: Editing attributes in BOM (Parts List)


Hi Sccot

This I didnt now before.

I have trayed to do that in BOM table but changing in the Bulk Edit is similar convinient Smiley Happy

Thank you very much, This is exactly what I need

I am appreciated !


Mat Smiley Happy