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Electrical Routing to 2D flat drawing



I have made an electrical part including cables and conectors, i made it in a kind of a spiral orientation like it would be in real life.

But now i want to make a drawing of it but i want the cable be flat and straight without changing the part.

I have tried Formboard feature but i an error: "the work part does not contain any valid 3d harness geometry".

What can i do?





Re: Electrical Routing to 2D flat drawing

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius


My best guess is that you haven't constructed the assembly like NX expects.

If you look in the Electrical Connection Navigator do you see any connections listed?

Formboard requires routed connections.  That is a connection that says wire 1 goes from connector A to connector B. 

You'll have the two or more connectors as components in the assembly.  Routing paths connect the connectors via ports in the connector parts.  The paths are in the assembly.  Once the connections are routed, you'll see bundle solids representing the connections.


The connection wizard can create the logical connections.


Then you can Create Formboard.