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Electrical routing - dimensioning formboard (or other) cableform drawings



I'm looking for some feedback from other electrical routing users about how they go about dimensioning their cableform drawings for manufacture (in-house or external mfg). In particular I'm interested to know whether you put length, cut length  (which includes some multiplier factor or simple fixed additional length) or both in your connection list?


We were looking at using a cut length value which is 5% longer than the modelled length in our cut list. However if we add dimensions to the flattened form, then these sizes don't have the 5% allowance. We could go with the 'as modelled' lengths (which do still round up ever so slightly when run through formboard) in our cut list so that the dimensions and cutlist made better sense, however some people are nervous about cables not being long enough when trying to install them, as assemblers may deviate somewhat from the 'as routed' path.




Geoff Donohoo

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