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Exact Views in NX10 Drafting


I have a drawing with views that show out of date.  They were up to date when saved, but when I try and update them I get the error attached.  "Exact Curve could not be created".  This has happened to a few of my drawings.  I have looked online for a resolution, but have failed to find any answers.  Any suggestions/advice?




Re: Exact Views in NX10 Drafting

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hi @suskam,


It looks like this issue may have been resolved (via PR 7494656) in NX10.0.3 mp7.  The latest maintenance pack (mp) for NX10.0.3 is mp17, which will include the same fixes as mp7.  The problem was also corrected in NX11.


Regards, Ben

Re: Exact Views in NX10 Drafting


Thanks, Ben.  We installed NX11.0 and the problem resolved itself when updating views.  Now we have to decide if we want to open and save all of our files to NX11.


It still worries me that I haven't seen any other users talk about this problem.


Thanks again.

Re: Exact Views in NX10 Drafting

We had this problem, but the problem is related usually a complex views and remember that most was released lots months ago. When I've this problems I use gtac support and update users when encounter related problems.
I use forum for not this type of problems.
Thank you...

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