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Export Internal Drawing to External Dataset




There are two ways to create a drawing in NX, which are by use of the Drafting Application or by creating a separate drawing dataset.  I need to use the latter method, but I have already created a drawing for a part via the Drafting Application method, which saves the drawing internally within the part.  


Is there a way to export the internal drawing created via the Drafting Application to an external dataset?


I have tried creating a new file and copying/pasting the sheet from the internal drawing to the new file.  The views update properly, but the titleblock does not update (we have it linked to properties in the part model).  So far, this is our best route for now, but we have to manually enter the titleblock information.


From now on, we will be creating the external datasets exclusively, but we have a few drawings that were created prior to this decision that we need to convert.