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Expression table behavior


I'm new to NX and want to ask about some odd behavior I've noticed with the expression table.  I was entering a series of variables in the expression table when I accidently hit enter twice.  That put a blank line in the expression table between two entries. So I right-clicked on the blank line and deleted it. When I did that, everything rearranged.  The entry below moved to row 2, the entries above shifted down, and row 1 became active (ready for the next input) as shown below.   Before this happened new entries were being added at the bottom of the list.

Expression table quirk.png


So is this normal? Why did NX rearrange everything and shift entry to the top? Just trying to understand how this is suppose to work.


Also, is there a way to rearrange the rows in the table if I want the expressions listed in a different order?




Re: Expression table behavior

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

For sorting you can use the right mouse button, RMB, to get the sort options. This works on any of the columns that are showing in the expression system. 


Another thing to consider is to use expression groups to manage your expressions also. You can group expression together into groups that makes it easy to use things in the expression system. 





Re: Expression table behavior


Thanks Scott. Although it's useful  know about sorting, what I had in mind was being able to arbitrarily rearrange the rows. It doesn't look like that is possible. But your comment about sorting does explain why the rows rearranged. NX put them into ascending order. I don't know if that is a default, but imo it would be better to keep them in "Creation Order" unless otherwise instructed. The current behavior seems a bit glitchy.