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Family of Parts Error


I am trying to create a family of parts for a component that we use many different variations of.  This particular component has about 12000 different variations.  First of all I was having trouble saving the spreadsheet when I tried to save all 12000 variations at once.  I get the error message shown in the picture 1 jpg.  I then tried completing portions of the spreadsheet at a time.  That seemed to work and I could save the spreadsheet.  That was until I got the error message shown in picture 2.  Now every time I try to edit the spreadsheet I get the error message shown in picture 2.  I have also included a snapshot of the spreadsheet I am trying to create for the part family (picture 3).  Any help would be appreciated.


Re: Family of Parts Error

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Picture1 - this is a known problem where a part family template contains thousands of members. The workaround is as you have already found - create the members in subsets.  A partial fix was put into NX9 in an attempt to alleviate the problem.

Picture2 - this usually occurs when you have a separate Excel session running in unison to your NX session. If you don't have one running use the Windows Task Manager to see if there's an Excel process running in the background. End the process and try and access the Part Family Spreadsheet again.


If you can't resolve the "Failed to set Excel running" issue consider giving GTAC a call.

(800) 955-0000, option 2-1-1-2-2

Re: Family of Parts Error


Thanks a lot for the response.  I tried what you were suggesting and even restarted my computer, but I was still getting the error message.  I then took your other advice and called GTAC and they suggested to do a Part Clean-up then check on "Delete Spreadsheet Data".  This method actually worked.  It took a while to open the spreadsheet but it eventually opened.  Thanks again for your help.