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Feature Playback in NX10.0


Hello All,


Could anyone tell how compatible is Playback option in NX10.0 ?


The reason why I'm asking is, I have a model where I have holes created with sketch and being subtracted in a inclined plane. (Modelled in NX10.0 latest patch), when I try Feature playback ,update goes till the end of model and it comes back to the pattern again and stops with extude, when I say continue (In UI), it is not solving the model as it should. (after the update I made revolve body as current feature there it is calculating only some lines ).


Can any one tell me what is the problem..
Some Images are attached here for reference...


Re: Feature Playback in NX10.0

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Siemens Phenom

Hi Sathya,


I apologize but it is very difficult to understand the actual issue. You need to either provide the part or file an issue with GTAC.


Best Regards