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Feature failing when making current feature


Sometimes, when modeling, a few previous features fail when I move to a previous point. For example:

  1. I have the part completely modeled with 300 features.
  2. I make current feature the feature number 200.
  3. Features 100,115,119,140... fail.


That makes no sense to me, since the model did not change before feature 200. Why does it then fails? Does it happen to somebody else?

It is annoying to keep fixing all these features every time this happen.


I've realised that some of these features that fail are substract where there are two walls touching without distance and similar cases. Anyhow, I didn't change tolerances or anything.


Why, also, is NX updating features before feature 200, if I am just going back from 300 to 200?




Re: Feature failing when making current feature


Surely i cannot comment on the issue you just raised without looking into the model but you can try EDIT/FEATURE/PLAYBACK for a better diagnostics of the model.

You can STEP to a nearby feature (near the feature showing as failed) and then proceed .

Best Regards


Re: Feature failing when making current feature

Hi, thanks for your answer.
I can easily fix the features that fail, that is not a problem.

My problem/question is why it is updating features 0-200 if I am moving from feature 300 to feature 200.
And why the result is different than from when I firstly modelled it?


Re: Feature failing when making current feature



there is a customer default in NX that enables saving additional data to NX parts in order to enable faster Rollback. Look into Customer Defaults -> Gateway -> General -> Part -> Save Data for Feature Edit.

This should be set to "Fast Rollback". If this is set, you'll need to do a Feature Playback (replay all features) and re-save the part. After that the rollback bahaviour of that part should be different, next time it should not update all features if you are working on features that are somewhere at the end of the feature tree.


However, from time to time there are changes in the software that lead to behaviours you are seeing (failing features). NX is tested quite well, but no test can cover 100% of all use cases, topology characteristics etc.

In this case, I recommend to contact GTAC and report the issue.


Hope that helps,


Re: Feature failing when making current feature

Ok, it might be this second case, since the option "Save data for Fast Rollback on Edit" is already checked.
Thanks for the answer.