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G1 magnitude" (Studio Spline)?

I can't figure out the meaning of "G1 magnitude" in the Studio Spline command, even after examining the official help.


Can anybody give some clues? Thanks a lot!


Re: G1 magnitude" (Studio Spline)?

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The G1 magnitude makes the poles tangentional. The magnite can be choosen for the beginning and the end of the spline (also without existing curves or geometries). 

Take a look at my video. The G1 magnitude is an automatism for something you could also do by constrains



Re: G1 magnitude" (Studio Spline)?

Hi, AndreF, Thanks for the video! I know the meaning of G0, G1, G2, G3.


I just want to know the meaning of the number of G1 magnitude.


In my mind, G1 means tangent, and tangent is simply tangent. What's the role of the number "G1 Mangnitude"?





Re: G1 magnitude" (Studio Spline)?

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Honored Contributor

The magnitude controls how quickly the spline changes direction near the point of tangency. For a visual representation, create 2 coplanar lines then connect them with a bridge curve. Change the bridge curve's shape control to "tangent magnitude" and play with the sliders to see what effect it has on the shape of the spline.

Re: G1 magnitude" (Studio Spline)?

Thank you so much! I just followed your suggestion and tried the Bridge Curve command. Yes, it gives much better understanding about the effect of Tangent Magnitude.


I also find that the statement in the official help of "Bridge Curve":


Tangent Magnitude represents the percentage of tangency in Start and End values. These are initially set to 1.

The ambiguous description does drive me crazy.