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Re: G2/sectional to a face at an existing point

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Once again, with Studio Spline you cannot select 2 objects to which a pole can be snapped AND choose to which of the 2 objects the spline will have continuity. If you select the line endpoint, the G2 constraint will be to the line. If you select a point, then you won't be able to specify G2 to anything automatically - you will have to use the manual Specify Constraint tool. Same goes if you have the line and use the intersection snap point option.

Bridge Curve allows different inputs because it's controlling the spline poles automatically for you and allowing you to enter real values for the Tangent Magnitude or Depth/Skew - Studio Spline does not behave the same way - it wants to know through which points will the poles pass. You're wanting the best of both and that's just not possible given the way the two commands work.

NX MP11 Rev. A
GM TcE v11.2.3.1
GM GPDL v11-A.3.6

Re: G2/sectional to a face at an existing point


Hi @TimF   Thank you for your explanation!