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Graphics card requirement for NX 9




One of our CAD user feels slowness when open large assemblies. I have checked the system properties which looks good. I feel some improvement needed in graphics drivers. He is using NX 9 and the model is moderate to assemblies.




Graphics driver configuration as follows,




looking for some suggestion for this issue.


Re: Graphics card requirement for NX 9

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Siemens Phenom

There are two things to check to make sure the graphics card is running at it best.


The first to confirm that you not only have a certified graphics card, but that you are using a certified graphics driver. The list of both can be found here. (Graphics Card) Certifications%26description=%26docType=xls


The second one is under Preferences -> Visual Performance, Run the Evaluate Graphics Performance on the General Tab and see if there is anything there to help with graphics performance. 


If that does not help then checking on things like load options and if all the parts have been refiled for NX 9 can help increase assembly load times.



Re: Graphics card requirement for NX 9




Thank you very much for the suggestions. The things that mentioned are looking fine. I am curious if dedicated graphics memory to be have some minimum range. I red somewhere minimum of 2 GB dedicated memory is good for large assemblies. For this user's machine it is 1 GB only. Does this has something to do with performance..?