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Having problems creating drawing views from Representation assemblies


Hi all,


I am trying to create drawing views from an Assembly where I have used the Representation function.

(Assemblies -> Advanced -> Representations..)

But the drawings views lack a lot of lines etc and look completely wrong. Also when trying put in a dimension I am not able to pick anything (No Selection Filter used).

I have tried switching between "Smart light weight view" and "Exact". Also other settings like "Process Interfering Solids" and a lot more but nothing helps..


Is is possible to create correct looking drawing views from Representations (Assembly opened Structure Only) and put dimensions to them?

Using NX with MP5.


Thanks /Alex


Re: Having problems creating drawing views from Representation assemblies

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Here's a note in the Drafting Help about legacy lightweight representations and their effect on drawing views:


Beginning with NX 10, the Lightweight drafting view type is replaced with the Smart Lightweight type, and Siemens PLM Software advises against the use of the Lightweight view type. However, if your workflows require you to use this legacy view type, you must first set the Enable Lightweight Views customer default before you can set the Representation drafting view preference to Lightweight.


So basically, that means it is highly recommended that you use the new Smart Lightweight settings when creating your assembly representation. But if you MUST use the legacy lightweight representation, here's what you have to do:


  • In your customer defaults, these two defaults must first be set:
    • Load Smart Lightweight Data must be set.
    • Enable Lightweight Views must be set. NOTE: To set this default, you must customize one of the Drafting Standards, or create your own custom drafting standard. Both of these defaults can be found by searching for them in the Customer Defaults dialog box.
  • Once these defaults are set you must set your drafting view Representation setting to Lightweight (not Smart Lightweight) when adding the view to your drawing. This is the only view setting that will correctly display a legacy lightweight view on the drawing.