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Hole Table - Combination of 2 Holes


Dear all,


I am not succeeding in Customizing some Hole Callouts in the Hole Table 


First I have first created a General Hole:


1. General Hole.gif


2Nd I have created a NPT Threaded Hole, Concentric to the First 


 2. Threaded NPT.gif


Creating a Dawing gives me in a Sction View these Dimensions:


03. Section A-A.gif


Adding a Hole Table gives me these results:

04. Hole Table NOK.gif

I do not succeed, in having the Depth of the Hole Diam. 6 corrected to another value. Threaded Hole is Fine.

Depth of the Hole Diam. 6via the Hole Table functions is giving me T13.66, wile I would like to see 35, as in the Hole definition.


Is this possible and if so how.

Best Regards,



Re: Hole Table - Combination of 2 Holes


Hi, have you checked your customer defaults?

hole table.JPG

Try changing these settings and see if you get the desired results.