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Hole inside Assembly




I'm in need of NX drilling support. I am drilling holes inside the assembly, using references between parts, but when I change the distance of the holes the bottom part does not change, there is no binding, is there such a possibility?


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Re: Hole inside Assembly


I am not sure if you are talking about the hole position, or the depth of the hole feature. Let me give two answers.


First, the term you are calling "binding" is normally called "associativity."


To position a hole in the context of an assembly, set Selection Scope on the top border bar to Entire Assembly to allow you to select the hole position from another assembly component. To make this selection associative, turn on Create Interpart Link right next to Selection Scope.  Using both of these settings, you can make the positiion of the hole associative to the location of a point from another component.


To make a hole through multiple parts in an assembly, use the Hole Series option on the Hole command, with the parent assembly the work part. The thing to remember here is that the hole series feature has an associativity to the assembly, not just the individual components. To edit the depth of the assembly hole, you must have the assembly open. If you edit the hole in any one of the individual components, a message allows you to break the associativity.

hole series edit.jpg

If you want the flexibility to edit the depth of the hole in each part independently from the assembly, you should stay away from Hole Series. Keep in mind that this type of assembly component can add to the size of your assembly file. On the other hand, the Hole Series is a convenient way to create all the proper entry and exit chamfers, etc on each level of the hole- Start, Middle, and End components.

Re: Hole inside Assembly

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Like @MarkLawry telling you can use the create interpart link option in the hole feature.


you can also use wave geometry linker to make first the associative links between parts and make then the hole 


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Re: Hole inside Assembly


Check the following and if you need any clarifications, please let me know.

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