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How NX licensing works


how NX starts ?What does and how does NX reads licencing file?


Re: How NX licensing works

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Solution Partner Phenom

what do you want to know?


you have 2 types of licensing.

Floating (is using a server machine to send out the license)

Node-Lockes (is a license dedicated to 1 system)


In the Licensing tool you can add if possible 2 types of bundels that NX can use during the NX session.

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Re: How NX licensing works

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

When NX starts, it checks out an appropriate "gateway" license (which could be part of a bundle, in which case the entire bundle is "reserved" for that user).  Note NX Viewer and NX Layour use different licenses than "regular" NX.

As parts are opened, and module (CAD/Drafting/CAM/etc.) changed, appropriate licenses/features are checked out/in as appropriate.  There are "failovers" (e.g. if your bundle doesn't have CAM, but you have some "a la carte" (not bundled) licenses, those can be used.  You can also check out 2 bundles at a time)


In theory, as long as ALL of these are the same:

- computer

- username

- display screen (think X-Windows client/server, or using remote destop)

you can start multiple NX sessions and won't consume an additional license (at leats the gateway/bundle part.  If one session is in CAD and another is in drafting, you will have both CDA and drafting licenses checked out).

Note in the license server log file it may report you have checked out "another" license, but the lmutil should report the correct data).


Hope this answers some questions.

If you have more, please be more specific.

And don't get me started on TC named user licenses :-(


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