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How different is NX and I-deas Export-function ?


Hello ( I-deas export failed.)

I have opened an assembly in I-deas ( TC: Get from bin, Master modeller ) and pressed File->Export->...STEP

It says: "choose entities...or such" and I highlight the whole 3D-assembly in the screen and press Enter... Then I click Execute and the .STEP appears in C:\Siemens\"msnx"\....

  • However it exports only 3pcs(out of 9pcs and no assembly) files: 1pc nut, 1pc bolt and 1pc small plate.
  • Why it does not successfully export the whole assembly ?
  • Why must I-deas insist to "choose entities" when I want the whole assembly ?

Re: How different is NX and I-deas Export-function ?


I had Master Modeller ON  changed to Master Assembly and it worked. Also used hierarchy to select assembly ?

Re: How different is NX and I-deas Export-function ?

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Siemens Phenom

Glad to see you self-diagnosed your issue.

Use of the "Heirarchy" menu is usually a good idea when you want to select Assembly items.

For future reference, you should not need to be in Master Assembly.

I suspect you probably had both the Assembly and some of the child compoments on the Workbench at the same time (if they are in the same position, you usually don't realize you have both, since they overlap).

So the first time, it was probably selecting just the Parts on the Workbench.

The key was in using Heirarchy, you were able to select the Assy you wanted from among the Workbench items.

The best way to see what's active on your Workbench is probaly to open the Manage Bins dialog and view down the left to see what's current (set it to "all" types, or you might just be viewing Parts or Assemblies).

Or, Put Away All, and Get just the Assy you want to work with to be sure that's all that's left on the Workbench.

This Workbench interactive seems to be unique among most CAD systems, which usually operate file by file, so new users can easily get confused. The analogy the training guide users is that it's like having multiple file folders from your file cabinet on your desktop at the same time. I can be great at times, but if you get more stuff there than you think or need, it can get confusing.