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How to Build Structural Weldment Profie from Points Profile




I am trying to create a car structural frame made from beams by making the frame with points and then having different part files as as sketch of each cross section. Is there any command to do this directly or should I make the frame a different way? We have all the coordinates of the frame. I basically want to get what is seen in the picture (green frame made from welded beams) but not sure if I am taking the right approach. I was reading "Solid_Edge_Structural_Frames_and_Weldments.pdf" but my frame file doesn't let me select any lines as the frame segment. 11.PNGWhat we need12.PNGBuilt Frame From Coordinates13.PNGI have 31 files for each unique member with different cross sectional dimensions.This is one of them. (just sketch, no extrusion)

Any help is greatly appreciated.