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How to control a robotic arm




I apologize if this is not the correct forum to post my question but I tought it was appropriate.


I would want to control an ABB IRB 120 robotic arm with NX. I have the assembly of the arm and a post processor for an IRB 140 robotic arm.

I just want to do some basic movement with the arm, write RAPID code that I can use with my robot and implement some basic intelligence in it (event based action).


I have 2 questions. The first is : I found that I can control the arm with the CAM module and with the mechatronic concept designer module. Which one should I use ? Where can i find some documentations?


The second is : How can I modify the IRB 140 post processor in order to match my IRB 120 arm ?


TL : DR I have a robotic arm, with wich module do I control it ? Where can i find documentations for said module. Can I adapt an existing post processor to match my robotic arm ? How ?




Re: How to control a robotic arm

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Hi MFrancois,

you are right there are several modules from Siemens PLM that can work with robot applications.

It really depends what your context for working with your robot is.

Let me give you some examples:

  • If you want to do part manufacturing (such as milling) with your robot and simulate the robot with that with a tool path, then NX CAM Robotics is probably the right direction to look into...

  • If you are currently designing a new machine or pick and place application and want to work inside the NX Environment to simulate not only the robot but also some other machine based behavior like sensors, actuators, time and event based operations then the Mechatronics Concept Designer should probably be your focus

  • When you are not really focused on the machine design process or working inside NX, and be more concerned on the programming of the robot or even a range/line of robots, then probably the Tecnomatix products should be your focus (Process Simulate / RobotExpert)

I hope this rough explanation helps at first.

With best regards,


Re: How to control a robotic arm

hey i am designing the robot arm 6 axis , but actually i don't how to choose the control for then axis i really interested to choose sinumerik but kindly give me the o information about that .
this robot is only used in pick and place the things .

Re: How to control a robotic arm

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Siemens Legend

Hello Andy and welcome to the Siemens PLM Community,


I am not sure if I understand correctly:

If you are the designer of the robot and have to choose a controller for that robot, then maybe the colleagues from Siemens MC (Motion Control) can help you. In this case please contact your Siemens MC or FA colleagues from your country, they should provide the necessary feedback and ideas what controller fits best to your application (Sinumeric, Simotion...etc.).


If you want to simulate the controller in combination with a machine, then you could look into Siemens NX MCD. If you are interested in planning the path and using multiple robots (less focus on the machine design) then you could use Siemens Process Simulate / Robot Expert.


Best regards