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How to create Frame design

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I am quite new in NX and start to learn how to use it. and i have a question on how to create a frame design in NX. the following image is the frame design that i want to achieve. can anyone help me on how to create it? thank you very much


 Frame designFrame design



Re: How to create Frame design



If you dont't have routing licenses and/or if you are not familiar with it, I would go with the Reuse Library stuff.

Create an empty assembly and add the components by drag&drop. Make sure you use the clone option in the dialog that appears after drag&drop.

See also Documentation for Knowledge Enabled Components





Re: How to create Frame design

Hi Johannes,

Thank you for your feedback, basically i have the license for routing, should i start the frame design from ship building? or Mechanical routing?


to do it with reuse library as you mentioned, can we control the the connection? ( mitter or Butt).


Howover thank you and i will try as your replied


Re: How to create Frame design



looks like you have a full demo license (Ship module is not common outside the shipbuilding industry).

Go with Routing Mechanical, if you'd like to use it. It has a cope (for butt connections) and also a miter option. Both is included in the "Assign corner" command.



Re: How to create Frame design

Hi Destian,

To me it seems Steel Structures (ship building) is an overkill in your case.Offcourse you can utilize Detailed steel structure for creating these frames but you might have to customize your ship library to accomodate rectangular channel sections as well (i do not remember using any closed section profile till date but i might be wrong also).

As Johannes suggested you can through Mechanical Routing or can utilize Reuse Library for the same.

One question please ...are you creating something for the Offshore Structures???

Let us know.

Best Regards


Re: How to create Frame design

Hi Jobannes,


Here an example using Mechanical Routing and add assign corner. the mitter connection is inactive any idea why?

Mech Route.png


Basically i would like to create structure for machine design (automation machine) for jig & fixture.



Please advise

Re: How to create Frame design



you also need to activate the Piping&Tubing application, then the options should be available. The Routing Mechanical application alone is not enough.