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How to create automatic weight calculation ?


How to create a automatic weight calculation ?

Like this TEMPLATE ? (Copied from a other manufacturer's drawing)

  1. Body measurement (In Model History)
  2. User expression
  3. Data linkage p32 -> "Locked mass" in title block.
  4. and such... how these function ?

Automatic Mass Weight Calculate.jpg


Re: How to create automatic weight calculation ?



I am not sure if this apply for NX9 but in NX10 it is done by using the mass system attribute (refer to ).


Here is a very good tutorial by Phoenix on how to setup it in drawing templates. 



Re: How to create automatic weight calculation ?

The best way to "Automatic Weight calculation" is with expression, as mentioned in the previous answer, to make it more efficient, make sure that, you use feature group concept, so that measurement goes to the feature group which is always comes after the body creation, if someone made any changes to the body, like add material using unite or subtract, the weight measurement gets adjusted automatically, since "measurement feature" is after the Boolean (or) edit feature.