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How to get NX Fastener Assembly Configuration work within TC


Hi there,


I've been struggling with this for days... I am trying to make some part of the Machinery Library work with the Fastener Assembly Configuration tool in TC environment.


I am able to generate the library with the Machinery Library batch tool, and I am able to access the library perfectly in NX, but for some reason I don't have any Fastener Assembly Configuration avalaible.


Actually I know I need to tell NX where the .krx files are but I don't know how to do that. Default fields in Customer Defaults>>Reuse Library>>Fastener Configuration are filled with "@DB/00003/A" and "@DB/00004/A" which does not seem to exist (see attached image).


In native mode, everything is olcated by default in $UGII_BASE_DIR/nxparts/Reuse Library/Configure/


I didn't found any information in the "Best Practice to Customize Fastener Assembly" document either. Where should I put .krx files and how can I let know NX where to find them ? Right now, NX is still looking for the fastener configuration files in %appdata%\local\Siemens\NX120, althought I specified to use TC mode.


Thanks for any help



NX12, TC11