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How to mirror an existing part in Teamcenter assembly ?



How to mirror an existing part / assemblies in Teamcenter TC-assembly ?

- Mirroring an existing one and creating a new Teamcenter file out of it.

- How to mirror a small assembly with some parts inside ? Can all be mirrored at the same time ?






Re: How to mirror an existing part in Teamcenter assembly ?

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Use 'Mirror Assembly' command. You have to consider the following points to confirm whether it will fulfill your purpose or not.


  • It will add the new mirror parts to the assembly as a components.
  • It will either 'Associative Mirror' or 'Non Associative Mirror' about a selected plane in the original assembly.
  • Mirrored assembly will not have any constraints as defined/present for the parent assembly

Once you create mirror assembly, create a new part (new parent part for the mirror assembly) and cut paste the mirror components from the origianl assembly to the new part file.