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How to represent assembly weight on drawing?




I would like ot link the assembly weight to the 2D drawing to represent it.

I can read out the weight with Advanced Weight Management, and I can see in the Assembly Navigator\ Weight (kg) coloumn but I do not now how to place it in the drawing.


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Re: How to represent assembly weight on drawing?

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hi @Crypto,


This is a popular topic.  While the ANT shows the total weight of an assembly, NX currently doesn't allow that value to be used as an expression or attribute elsewhere.  There are workarounds, such as using custom programs to calculate the weight and insert the value into a predefined attribute that can then be referenced on your drawing.  This limitation has been documented in ER 1938710: "It is not possible to get out weight attribute of assembly".

You might find something useful in the following previous threads:

Let us know if none of these help.


Regards, Ben

Re: How to represent assembly weight on drawing?


If you are using Teamcenter, you can map the NX MassPropMass attribute to be displayed in TC, and from TC remap this attribute back to NX to be shown in your title block.