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How to set default?


How to set the default  front clipping distance and back clipping distance in NX8.5 ?


Re: How to set default?

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

From Documentation (NX 8.5)

Clipping planes are invisible planes that NX creates by default, in front of and behind the model. These planes are at a default distance where the model does not intersect them when you rotate it.


FCD - Front Clipping Distance

BCD - Back Clipping Distance


Menu > View > Camera > Edit

You can enter desired values manually for FCD and BCD

 I checked this in NX 9, when this command is started, Clipping section has some default values for 'Front Clipping Distance' and 'Back Clipping Distance'. Then I had defined expressions for FCD,BCD and tried to use them, but seems that it is not possible to use expressions for clipping values. However, if I enter the expression name and press tab, it takes the value of expression as shown. Same behaviour in NX 10. 

cliping distance.PNG


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