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How to use "Analyse Formability-One step" command in NX 8




I want to use Analyse Formability Cammand to Calculate the Thining, Stress, Straine etc, using ADVANCE UNIFORM AND INTERMEDIATE UNIFORM option. Please help me out.



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Re: How to use "Analyse Formability-One step" command in NX 8



Did you read and try the "Help" guide? ( While command window is open, press the function key "F1")


Could you be more specific?


Michael Fernando

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Re: How to use "Analyse Formability-One step" command in NX 8

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Hi Manoj,


First you need to select the type if it is entire, intermediate or advance.
then, select the object type if you want to use body or face
 for example you choose face, you may need first to extract the geometry or face of the model you are working with. (for example the top tangent faces)
for the unform region, just select all the faces.
then go through the boundry conditions, specify the constraint type.
you can choose from 3 types, for example you selected curve to curve. for the constraint list under unform curve, select the fixed edges for your flatten shape
see the attached picture for an example.
after that, select material, then specify the draw direction, and input your thickness.
under calculation you can either input or infer your element size for analysis, then mesh.
after the mesh, check if the mesh quality passed and if so, click calculation.
you can have now your result at the results display.
Hope this helps.



Jahnsen Kaysel Cutay