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Ideas PRG file for exporting cgm file


Hi All..

We have translation setup for our Designers where in I-deas Drawing gets exported to cgm files, We use Ideas .prg file for exporting cgm file from i-deas drawing, in which the .prg file doesn't export cgm files for the drawing which has multiple sheets, We tried to re-create .prg file to handle with multiple sheets but could not able to crack it. Can any help me on this


We are using I-deas 6.4 version, Refer prg file attached herewith.





Re: Ideas PRG file for exporting cgm file

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Hi Dinesh!


If you have not found a solution already, I wrote something like this for a customer on UNIX in the late 90's so it's definitely possible.

IIRC, I based it on the Multi-Plot macro that was available under the User Library.

ULIB is an optional install, so you might need to add it, but you'll find it then under ...\ulib\gdr\...

try "plot_multi.prg" first. It looks like the one I recall. You'll need to change the command from doing "Plot" to "Export" for CGM.

I'm not an expert on Drafting macros, yet was able to do it fairly simply, IIRC.


Pat McManus
Sr. Technical Consultant
NX Development, Major Accounts and Migration