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Import Femap Model to NX

Hello All,



We're new to NX. We are working with Femap for several years.

Is it possible to import femap model (*.modfem) into NX (v11)?




Re: Import Femap Model to NX

Hi Yarko,


this question should be posted to the Simcenter Community Forum, as Femap is not a CAD System, but also contains FEM Info, like Meshes, Load/Boundary Conditions etc.


I am a rookie and have never tried it, but it should work that way:

Export Solid Geometry from Femap (Parasolid)

Export FEM-Data (using a Nastran Deck for example)


in NX Advanced Simulation (now called Simcenter) you can import these into a NX Part and in a FEM file, and reassociate the mesh to the geometry, if needed.


If this does not answer your question, you may need to post into the Simcenter Community.



Accepted by topic author yarko
‎01-13-2017 03:37 AM

Re: Import Femap Model to NX

Hello Johannes,



Thank you very much for an explanation, next time I will post in Simcenter Forum.

Short question: Question related to programming under NX also should be posted on Simcenter Forum?


Actually, my colleague has solved this today by accident. He used Import - Simulation command and file with the model for Nastran solver.



Re: Import Femap Model to NX

Hello @yarko,


I think for NX programming questions, the best place would be the "NX-Programming-Customization" section of this Forum.


Kind regards,



Dennis de Brouwer
Application Support Engineer
GTAC EMEA - Siemens Industry Software

Re: Import Femap Model to NX

Hello @DennisdeBrouwer,



Thank you, Dennis. Now it's clear.