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Install NX on much seat



we are planning to install NX11 on over 40 seat. I'm come as SolidWorks CAD Manager where I install SolidWorks on a server as administrative image and a script is generated automatically sent as HTML on e-mail process. Each update was made on the administrative image and each seat on the first starts, it's notified to an update. User decide if update or not.

In the administrative install exist a tool that monitoring each seat on the release installed.

Saying that, what do you suggest me to simulate the same and if you have some examples to use ?

Thank you...

Using NX1859
RuleDesigner PDM


Re: Install NX on much seat

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

I don't think NX supports the same sort of thing.


But you can do an "automated" install

On the DVD with the base release (or after you un-zip the file for the base release) there should be a folder "docs".  In that folder should be a file "nx_install.pdf", which should have a whole section on automatic installation.


If you use any "automatic" distribution tools (Altiris or MS System Center or whatever) you can push things to computers.


Note the above does not include MR or MP updates.  They can also be pushed automatically by distribution tools

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