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Interpart link option


I was having issues while I was modeling and designing within an assembly to get all my parts linked together and in relations.... until I discovered this little guy .....create interpart link button/icon.... just beside the selection scope menu where you decide if you want to work within the work part or the entire assembly... now I have an assembly which I would like to activate the interpart link option.... is it possible to go back into my sketches and activate it... I have tried but don t think it is working.. thanks to help


Re: Interpart link option

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hi @Pdemartin,

Create Interpart Link becomes active when you work in design in context conditions. When commands like revolve, extrude are invoked then you will see that Create Interpart Link will become active depending upon what customer default setting.

File > Utilities > Customer Defaults

Assemblies > General > Interpart Modeling tab

Here you can define/set 'Allow Associative Interpart Modeling' option to yes,no etc.


Re: Interpart link option


Hi @Pdemartin


This quick tip video from John Baker may help you: