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Re: Is NX9 Dimensioning a step forward?

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Thank you and very helpful. Place a new dimension: Origin > Single Dimension > Select existing dimension for axis, uncheck Place Automatically > select dimension object > Align to existing (off margin) dimensions > Check on Place Automatically > Select a new dimension object and it snaps to the aligned dimensions. OY...


Ordinate Dimensions Link to a video showing the differences. I could place explicit margins in NX85 but I was not required to and I could then place new dimensions by grabbing Ordinate > the axis I want > the object and it would automatically align with the existing dimensions. If I had two sets of dimensions in the same axis, I would then have a second click to align to the existing dimensions. Then, as I create more new dimensions, the also align. All without margins. 


This is a new work flow and it takes time to get used to. It's OK but it's is just not as user friendly as NX85. Seems less intuitive. Maybe my wheel is stuck in a deep rut and this is just the shake up I need. 


Forcing explicit margins is the issue. I guess I'm not required to create explicit dimensions but I have to work around it. If I want to have both axes, I have to have explicit margins. 

Re: Is NX9 Dimensioning a step forward?

While in Ordinate Dimension, to get intersection snap point, switch to Type= Single Dimension. You could switch these Types while in the same dimensioning process.

If you still have issues please write them down here.(or give the position of the movie progression bar) . It’s too difficult to answer a long video.
Michael Fernando

Die Designer


Re: Is NX9 Dimensioning a step forward?

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hello, this is an already long thread, but I would like to add my comments too.

I am with UG since V10 and have a long history of UG and NX teaching and technical support.

Since 6 years I also do a productive work, so my position is mixed.

Now to the Topic. The NX 9 was for me the most difficult NX version ever, and it concerns not only Dimensioning. It starts with the new Ribbon "MS Office" like UI, where you have to search things, you know it must be there, continues with Help, which is now so structured, that you have again to search long for information which used to be at one place together.

And now the new Dimensioning - it's really bad, the true opposite to streamlined process.

I remember a project with a lot of drawings in NX 7.5 - it was just fun to do it.

Now, with NX 9, it is a struggle to find out how to do it.

But the worse of all is, that with large data it takes all too long. If I start placing a dimension, my NX stops to be interactive, I have to wait and wait. It's the same with dimensioning in Sketch and Drafting. I have seen somwhere a promise, it will be fixed in NX10, but we have to do the work now. Maybe I missed a recommendation how to set it, to get it at least a bit faster.

Regards, Pavel Jiricek

Re: Is NX9 Dimensioning a step forward?



         As with some other disgruntled long term users I find the whole NX9 update tedious and of not much value (if at all). Mainly consisting of moving around all of the exisitng commands so that users (your customers, Siemens) have to vastly reduce their output to relearn the locations is detrimental to productivity. Microsoft alledgedly had a reputation for this some years ago so that users thought they 'must have the latest release' when in fact it was just a rehash.


Dimensioning is one of the worst examples - did the program designers sit around and decide to create the most complex way to format or perhaps deliberately hide the settings?


A Step forward?  - Reversing at High Velocity.

Re: Is NX9 Dimensioning a step forward?

UG user since V11. NX9 absolutely sucks. I'm ready to launch my keyboard across the room. Drafting is now a nightmare to use. IMO the software designers change stuff just to change it and justify their job. I don't care what goals you set out to accomplish, you failed in every way possible on the drafting side. Modeling is fine. Drafting is a disaster. Change it back.

Re: Is NX9 Dimensioning a step forward?

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Siemens Phenom

There were change made, based on feedback received during some web-based sharing sessions between our Drafting product team and customers who participated in the sessions, and the changes agreed to in those sessions are now starting to appear in NX starting with the NX 10.0.2 release, which is currently available for download from the GTAC software distribution site.

John R. Baker, P.E. (ret)
EX-Product 'Evangelist'
Irvine, CA

Re: Is NX9 Dimensioning a step forward?

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

I can confirm that NX10.0.2 Drafting is positive step on from NX9.

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Re: Is NX9 Dimensioning a step forward?

Let's hope it's a step forward from NX8. And while we are on the subject can I get my control shift v hot key back please? Why would you drop any hot keys? Seriously people....

Re: Is NX9 Dimensioning a step forward?


the hot keys become accelerator keys now.  ALT+5 set number of decimal points to 5 places.  There are others but I think alt has to be pushed plus the old shortcut key commands.  I know it will not help you until you go to NX10.02  


Are there any plans to blow these changes back to NX9?

Re: Is NX9 Dimensioning a step forward?

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Solution Partner Phenom
Tools -> customise then press on the keyboard button. You then have access to all the hotkeys. Remove the one from CtrlShiftV from Visualistion preferences and add it to Visible in View.
Anthony Galante
Senior Support Engineer