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Issue with Break View tool




I have created a drawing containing a section view of a base view. On this section view, I tried to add a break-out view. However, in the Break-out view tool wizard, I cannot find the section view that I would like to pick as the parent view.


Please see attached document for details.


I am using NX 10.


Please advise.




Re: Issue with Break View tool

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

I may be wrong, but I didn't think ASME spec allowed a break out in a section.  I suspect this is why NX won't let you do it.

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Re: Issue with Break View tool


It's actually possible. I created a breakout view on a section view in another drawing. However, the difference between the section view for this one and the other one in question is that the section line of latter oriented at an angle, while that of the former (the one that worked) is oriented vertically.


 Does NX only allow breakout views to be created section views based on section lines which are oriented either  horizontally or vertically, but not at an  angle?

Re: Issue with Break View tool

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hi @Nanay,
Basically break out section view is used to display the inner hollow area of a part or inner view of an assembly. Any specific reason why to create break out section view based on the section view. As break out section view will display the portion defined by the break out boundaries.

By observing the icon of the section view in the attachment provided by you. I can say that section view is created using the definition 'Dynamic' and method as 'Point to Point'. 

sv p2p.PNG

Now there are different options within section view dialog that can be used in combination depending upon the requirement.You can define a section view with method 'Point to Point' with option 'Create Folded' toggled on or off as shown.


sv p2p_1.PNG


sv p2p_2.PNG


With the option 'Create Folded' makes difference while creating a break out section view as view with option 'Create Folded' toggled off will not be displayed in the dialog. This seems that it is designed behaviour in NX.


sv p2p_3.PNG


@Benbroad would like to hear from you on this.

Ganesh Kadole
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Re: Issue with Break View tool

Siemens Honored Contributor Siemens Honored Contributor
Siemens Honored Contributor

Hi @Nanay, @GaneshKadole,


This is a current limitation.  I can only imagine it's due to the complexity that would be required, especially if you wanted to place the break-out over the region where the section line is rotated.


While I did find ER 1992517: "View Break function for Revolved Section View needed", an ER does not exist for Break-out Section.  Please consider opening an IR with GTAC to submit a new ER.


Regards, Ben