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Item name as component name

Siemens Experimenter Siemens Experimenter
Siemens Experimenter

In our environment Item-name is always unique and we want to have that as component name. By default NX takes item_id as component name. Do we have some options to override it? so that it takes item-Name as component name. requirement is illustrated below.



Re: Item name as component name


In our environment component name is customized so it could be the item name if desired, sorry I dont know how this is done, so I cant help you. 


I am curious how you have item name unique. Is it possible to force TC to make name field unique? I was told it couldnt be done. It is very helpful to make name unique in order to avoid duplication of parts that follow a name pattern as screws, nuts...

Re: Item name as component name


In NX-PDW application, you could define prefix (i.e. project/job #). When you create new components, they come in uniquely named with the predefined prefix.

Michael Fernando

Die Designer

Re: Item name as component name

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

In the assembly navigator, right click in some white space and go to columns -> configure. Turn on the name column and move it to the top of the list; this will cause the DB_PART_NAME attribute to be shown as the main column in the navigator. Also, in the menu -> preferences -> assemblies dialog, change the descriptive part name style to specified attribute and enter DB_PART_NAME as the attribute to reference. This will show the part name instead of the ID in dialogs such as "add component". Note that making the change in menu -> preferences -> assemblies will only affect the current session (it will revert the next time you start NX). If you like the effect of this change, you can make it stick by changing the customer defaults (Assemblies -> general -> part name style attribute).