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JT creation on save

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Hello community


If I use the export JT functionality with the Organize File Option Geometry and Assembly on an actual assembly part this will create a wonderfull jt file including the assembly structure and the geometry.

I can now convert this file to a 3d pdf with tetra 4D and the assemblystructure will still be there so to use this as a model based definition instead of a 2D drawing.


Now my question is:

how to use the "create jt on save" function from customer defaults to save the same type of rich jt file every time a part or assembly is saved? I was not able to specify further options for this procedure to force it including components and geometry into the saved jt files. Very often the jt files will be empty or incomplete.







Re: JT creation on save

The answer lies in the configuration of the defaults for the JT export function. You can get to the documentation at this link


JT Configuration for NX


It has all the details to get what you need all setup.



Re: JT creation on save

thank you scott, I am stll figuring out but I think with the infos provided, this will work.