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John Baker's Famous Butterfly Valve


Slightly off topic, but I thought many of you could appreciate this Smiley Happy 


A few weeks ago, the NX team had the pleasure of celebrating Mr. John Baker's retirement with him. As you know, he had an illustrious career with us. Over the years, he has helped many people to learn NX CAD and improve at using the software. He has long established relationships with many of you, and I'm sure you recognize him from his many posts to this forum! (if not from his presentations at RUG meetings and other events throughout the years). 


To commemorate his dedication and achievements, we retired his infamous butterfly valve and presented him with a 3D printed version of the part we have all come to know and love. 




Thanks again @JohnRBaker for all that you have done and continue to do on behalf of NX CAD. 




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Re: John Baker's Famous Butterfly Valve

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PLM World Member Phenom
I have had the pleasure of knowing John for the past 20+ years. Throughout that time he has always been an advocate for the user. He is the only presenter I have seen at a user group meeting in front of 1,000 or more users when he crashed NX they all applauded. As was typical for John he just started NX up and continued as if nothing had happened. His dedication to the end user and customer is something many people at Siemens should use as a model.
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