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Keyboard tricks


Hey guys. So I found this forum today and saw one post with cord dimensioning and shift key trick. OMG that alone will save me so much work. Why are those thing not published anywhere. Or am I not looking in the right places. There are some list of NX key shortcuts and we can see some when you go to Customize>Keyboard >Report but that is only tiny fraction. I just played in drafting and every key does something else I never knew about depending what you are doing and what application you are in. Where is the list of all these keys that can save hours. I'm so glad I played with keyboard in drafting,but what else am I missing. 


And no I'm not talking about Ctrl = XXXXX. It's the single keys or the one you press and hold that change everything


Thank you.


Re: Keyboard tricks

I would start in he help, and search keyboard shortcut - there are several results: Tongueage=1;rpp=10;query=keyboard%20...


Mark Rief
Retired Siemens