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LMtools log for license bundles

I read on how to use LMTOOLS, config services tab, and then the "View Log..." button, to see what license bundles are being pinged.  It also shows which license was attempted to be called, and declined if unavailable, it.

13:41:14 (ugslmd) UNSUPPORTED: "NX13100N_wave" (PORT_AT_HOST_PLUS   ) dkieffer@DKIEFFERDT  (License server system does not support this feature. (-18,327))

In the above example, I tried to use the Wave Associtivity Manager, which we don't have.  My goal, is to help out our "sales rep", as we are requesting some additional features, but we are not sure what change we need.


Problem is, things like "Mold Wizard", and the FEA topology optimization did not create an entry in the log file that I can see.


Is that the case?  or did I miss something?



NX 11 | Teamcenter 11 | Windows 8.1

Re: LMtools log for license bundles



Associativity Manager is a module from the WAVE Control license, which is available as a floating addon. But the Mach3 Industrial Design Bundle for example (NX13300) does include it, too.


But you are right, not all licenses are listed here. There is a mechanism that looks if a license is available, but does not acutally try to check it out. One example is the WAVE Geometry Linker. If you have the WAVE License in your license file, you will get an additional option to create a position-independent link. If it is not in your license, the option is missing. But you can't read that in your license log...


However, Moldwizard as well as the topology optimization should create an entry.

I guess you just initiated Moldwizard application, but did not start a command, like "initiate project". Then you will get the entry. And something similar could be the case with Topology Optimization (I'm not an expert here...)


Anyway: There are people at Siemens that know what product you acutally need, and the "sales rep" usually knows who to ask.




Re: LMtools log for license bundles

As soon as I hit Application, Mold to start the mold wizard, I get simple "Mold Wizard license is not available", and non of the functions are available for it.  



Topology gives a similar, but different message:



I'm sure our "sales rep", aka rmarketing director, will find it, we're just trying to save him some time.  Plus, if we can find out the license for things in the future, we can just pass that along, and eliminiate any researchon his part.



NX 11 | Teamcenter 11 | Windows 8.1

Re: LMtools log for license bundles

When I enter Mold Wizard, it looks for ug_mold_design.

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

Re: LMtools log for license bundles

Hi Mark,


on my machine I do have a Moldwizard license, but if I simply activate the Moldwizard application, no log entry is created in the License Server's logfile (splm_ugslmd.log). At least not with NX 11.0.

However, as soon as I start a Moldwizard-functionality, the license checkout is logged.




what I wanted to mention before, is that the license log is most of the times a sufficient means for license diagnostics, but not always.


So if you look for a way to really see every denied license traffic, you can set the environment variable FLEXLM_DIAGNOSTICS to the values 1,2 or 3 depending on what the messages should look like. Then restart NX.

This variable is also documented in the NX Documentation.

Maybe that will help.



Re: LMtools log for license bundles

Also note that (at least in the past) Flexera did NOT guarantee the license server log file had 100% of all events.

If you wanted guaranteed 100% coverage of all events, you have to write a report log (set up in the OPT file), then (as the report log is binary) use their $$$$$$$ application (I think it is still called Flexnet Manager) to parse out data.



(a not-very-impressed ex-user of the Flexnet Manager product)

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