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Learning Advantage

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Valued Contributor

Updating from NX8.5 to NX11.0.


This requires changing from Cast to Learning Advantage.


Cast was supplied with each license of NX.


Learning Advantage got switched to buying licenses to use.


Are we forced to, now, pay for Learning Advantage when we used to get Cast for free????


Why would you change policy like that???


It is now a major added expense for us.


Re: Learning Advantage


I remember that the CAST was for a fee even if no licence needed.



Re: Learning Advantage

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

I do not work for Siemens, so this may not be true, but...


IIRC, if you had been paying for CAST, *I think* you get 1 LA logon per CAST license.


Check with your sales rep / VAR on what the policy actually is.

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Re: Learning Advantage

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Valued Contributor

Cesare, There may have been a fee that I wasn't aware of.


This is the big issue:


We used to have Cast on each computer that had NX(30+ seats). Now we have 4 licenses for Learning advantage.


We could have all 30+ on Cast, but now can only have 4 on LA.


No Floating License is available so now we need an Administrator to handle giving out and returning licenses.


Very time consuming on our end, but apparently a money maker for Siemen's.

Re: Learning Advantage

Cast was not free - it had a monthly fee per license. There was a program 4 years ago to transition users from CAST to LA. If you were paying for 30 CAST licenses, I don't understand how you ended up with 4 LA. I would review the FAQ How do I enable my CAST Transition to Learning Advantage? and then contact your dealer or Siemens representative to be sure you got the best deal. 

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

Re: Learning Advantage

Solution Partner Phenom Solution Partner Phenom
Solution Partner Phenom
CAST wasn't license controlled, so there was nothing stopping someone from installing it as many times as they liked (even though you technically only bought/paid for say 1 and installing more was a breach of the software agreement). So when it was transitioned from CAST to Learning Advantage, customers only got a access to Learning Advantage for the numbers of CAST that were purchased, not installed.
Anthony Galante, Senior Support Engineer
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Re: Learning Advantage

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Valued Contributor


Your answer makes the most sense. 

I am not sure how Cast was installed (How many licenses). 

It was already installed when I got here. 

I am just going by what I noticed going from Cast to LA. 

Thanks for your info. 


Re: Learning Advantage


LA is not your only training option though.

We use our resellers' training solution,

in addition to NX there are other courses available like GD&T

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